A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Lava! RUN! is a game I made in one hour for #1HGJ 126 (23rd September 2017). I've refined it and added a few new things and am now releasing it as a finished project.

In this game you can build mazes and then try and run through them while being chased by lava. You can place walls, boxes (that lava can pass through but players cannot), time powerups (that freeze the lava in place and make you invincible for 2 seconds) and coins.

There are 8 premade levels available for download at any point by hitting "D" whilst in the menu.

You'll need Love2Dinstalled to play.


Install instructions

Install Love2Dand open LAVA RUN.love.


LAVA RUN.love 2 MB

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