This game's mission

I've just finished a complete rewrite of my networking system and with that comes some really cool stuff!

To begin with, I've made custom maps work similar to Source: you can run any map on the server and anyone can play - regardless of whether or not they have the map - provided you upload the map to a web server and set s.dlurl in the settings file. 

This means that custom maps are incredibly accessible for anyone to both create and play on, which brings me to the main point I wish to touch on today:

This game's main mission

I started work on this game because I'm an avid fan of DayZ-esque titles. PVP survival games are awesome. The problem with these, however, I discovered after playing a few rounds of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (henceforth referred to as PUBG): the zombies and attempts at permanence. A character in a regular zombie survival game could potentially survive indefinitely making the game not a whole lot of fun once you've got all the loot to make you good. The zombies become boring and end up being just a pain that takes away from gameplay.

Battle royale games, on the other hand, get past this entirely; games last a set amount of time, all but one character will be dead by the end of the game. It's more accessible whilst still having the same intense moments of the zombie survival genre.

So, why Mini Royale? PUBG is great but it's super expensive and can't run on so many devices. A 2d battle royale game built in LOVE has the potential to run at 60FPS regardless of your rig be it a small Atom-based netbook or a powerhouse running the latest GPU and CPU. LOVE also means that the game can easily be ported to mobile platforms bringing Battle Royale to even more users on the go. Ray tracing means that you can still create those intense moments from other games. The minimal style means that so many features can be added very very fast. 

So the idea is to bring the Battle Royale genre to as many people as possible at as low a cost as possible because I think it's great fun but also hard to get into. This design philosophy extends to everything: including, as described above, the maps. Anyone can create a map in spreadsheet software since maps are just *.csv files with numbers correlating to the tile type. As methods for further modding are introduced after release this will expand to anyone being able to create mods super easily, too.

I hope that clears a few things up and makes you as excited as I am for this game!

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