Action vs Strategy

After some thinking and testing I've decided to redesign the base gameplay to be continuous rather than turn based. The turn based idea - while original - just isn't very fun unless you're in a fire fight. Moving around the map and scavenging two tiles at a time just took far too long and got old fast. Suddenly even bothering to go into houses became a chore and that's really counter intuitive.

I've also now set out a complete plan on how the full game will be coded and am starting work on that today. The refined map editor should be out by the end of the day along with the template and the second map, as per the deadlines list. A publicly view-able Trello board will be up soon also showing what is being worked on and what has been completed in the main client. I'll sort that out and post it to my Twitter today.

Attached is also a preview of the new map, currently titled "Islands". You can see here one of the major towns with 6 smaller houses and one larger house that leads on to a forest and what I'm calling "MOBA Island". To get to here from another high loot island you must make your way across several smaller, more open Islands with plenty of places for players to hide and ambush passers by! More on the way!

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