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Mini Royale is a brand new online multiplayer Battle Royale FIGHT. Drop into the map at the location of your choosing and face an unlimited number of opponents in action based combat. Scavenge the map for cards that can be played at any time to equip weapons, heal yourself or plant traps for your enemies! Shoot your way to victory across an entirely destructible tile-based map.


Drop into the map

As the game starts all players are given an overview of the map and choose where it is they want to spawn. Once all players have chosen their location the game begins.

Collect and play your hand

Search through buildings to find cards to add to your hand. You can hold up to 5 cards at any one time. These can be weapons, ammo, medical supplies or appearance changes. Once your hand is full you can trade the card on a tile for a card in your hand.

Entirely destructible tile based map

Every tile on the map can be destroyed: shoot new pathways through forests, smash through windows, place mines on bridges to explode when an enemy passes by…

Create your own maps

Maps can be designed easily by anyone in a spreadsheet editor. A template is available to download online and then a map can be exported as *.csv to be loaded up by a server. The entire game is scripted in Lua and so is easily customisable and adaptable. 3 official maps will be available at launch.


Pre-order Now£0.79 GBP or more

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Map viewer - Plan your strategy early!

Exclusive content

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In-game outfit: Tuxedo

Start every game with an exclusive Tuxedo outfit equiped.

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