A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Mage Wars!
Mage Wars was originally a networking test and experiment in action RPG mechanics. After play testing with a friend, however, I found the game to be quite fun and so have decided to continue developing it.

This game is a MOBA style deathmatch, pitting every player versus every other player, for now. I plan on adding in two distinct factions later down the line.

As it currently stands you can attack and kill other players using your Life Drain spell (left click), restore health using your Regeneration spell (middle click) and find other players using your Foreseeing spell (right click).

Your mana drains as you use spells at different rates with an additional -5% whenever you start casting. You can regenerate mana by standing close to a fountain, of which a few are dotted around the map. You can find fountains by following the semi-transparent black lines beneath your character, but keep in mind that others will be heading towards them too.

Using a spell when near a fountain will cause you to stop gaining mana and start losing health at a fairly rapid rate. This will stop when you stop casting.

Latest version!

The latest version of the game adds in quests! You're given a random quest from a set of 4, all of which are currently "Kill X number of Lizards for Y reward". This is of course to be improved on.

Future versions!

With the core gameplay mechanic done, there are a few things that I aim to add:

  • Usernames with a score system (optional; this game's main focus is accessibility)
  • NPC mobs (killing will give you some sort of benefit, to be decided)
  • Quests (such as: "kill X number of Y mob" or "deal X damage to players". These will give you some sort of benefit, again to be decided)
  • RPG progression (levelling up and etc. No clue how this will work just yet as there aren't accounts and I don't plan on adding them)
  • Hack protection (there is none right now and the code is easily modifiable. I'll have to wait and see how this pans out)
  • Factions (you'll be able to pick a faction and then only be able to kill players of the other faction)
  • Territory (very very far down the line there may be villages and structures etc. Territory gains will allow you to capture these villages for your faction)
  • Other game rules (this will be pretty soon most likely. Right now it's a deathmatch but I aim to have the game rules rotate on an hourly basis: one hour it's deathmatch, the other it's capture the flag, the other it's something different. We'll see)

Install instructions

In its current state you'll need to install Love2D to run the game. It's 11mb and totally worth it!

To those that know what they're doing: the game is extremely easy to decompile and modify. Please don't hack this thing, it's just a bit of fun. The code is horrific anyway as it was initially an experiment.


Mage Wars.love 213 kB